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    What problems should be paid attention to when choosing steel structure support?
    Release time:2018-04-11      Click times:701
    Steel structure manufacturers in jiangsu xin peng steel structure engineering co., LTD. Is a structural steelwork, rack, C payments, the color plate, curtain wall and daylighting lu: su doors and Windows, such as engineering design, manufacture and installation in one of the large enterprises. The following is an introduction to the selection of steel frame support:
    1. Attention should be paid to the size of bearing capacity, the size of vertical tensile force, the size of horizontal force, and the displacement and rotation Angle, and the horizontal elastic stiffness should be paid attention to.
    2. The type of support should be paid attention to when choosing support, namely, bidirectional activity type, one-way activity type and fixed type.
    3. The constraint direction of the damping support is provided with displacement and stiffness, which is needed for engineering shock absorption.

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